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  • As a member of the European Union and the Schengen zone, Hungary is among the 30 most-visited destinations on the planet. The country is perfectly located in the center of Europe and boasts a rich and diverse culture of music, film, food and literature, as well as universal health care. Established in 2012, the Investor Residency Bond Program & real estate investment offers applicants a host of advantages
  • The inclusion of qualifying family members, including parents, without age restrictions
  • No requirement to travel to Hungary. Applications can be lodged at the respective Hungarian Consulate
  • Fully guaranteed investment returned in full after five years
  • No physical residency requirements
  • First option: The minimum investment amount is EUR 200,000, which suffices for buying 2 apartments in Budapest. As the property market in Budapest is growing 15% annually, the profitability of the investment is practically guaranteed
  • Additionally, you will be required to pay EUR 20,000 for program fees and a 4% property tax after buying the apartments
  • Once your residence permit based on your real estate investment is granted, your closest family members including your spouse and dependent children can get their permits on the grounds of family unification
  • Second option: The statutory procedure for accepted foreign direct investment in the Investor Residency Bond Program includes the purchase of special Hungarian government bonds in the amount of €300,000 with a maturity of five years
  • Legislation dictates that the program investment is used to purchase bonds that are issued by a Residency Bond Agent approved by the Hungarian authority
  • Hungary presented the most profitable investment program in Europe, which allows you to obtain permanent residence for a lifetime in just 2-3 months without having to stay in the country
  • Citizens of all countries can get permanent residence in Hungary. You do not have to speak Hungarian or know the history of the country; you are also not obliged to live in Hungary


  • Hungary is known for its safety and that’s one of the reasons for the increasing number of tourists coming to our country every year (28th country on the Better Life and Safety OECD Index)
  • excellent public education
  • virtually no violent street crime
  • Opportunity to have a safe harbor in a beautiful country with a great return
  • Fast processing leading to EU permanent residency for life in under 30 days
  • Free movement throughout Europe’s Schengen zone
  • Hungary has advantageous taxes for companies and individuals. The corporate income tax is between 10 and 19%, lower than in other European countries like France or the United Kingdom. The personal income tax has a flat rate of 16%. This competitive tax system is aided by certain tax incentives and allowances
  • The Hungarian government encourages investments and competitiveness through a range of incentives. This state aid can be either refundable or non-refundable. Special attention is offered to the progress of research and development activities and R&D investments. VIP investment subsidies are available for investors in Hungary and they are offered in certain cases


  • Official Name: Republic of Hungary
  • A Form of Government: parliamentary
  • Capital: Budapest
  • Population: 9,684,932
  • Official Language: Hungarian
  • Currency: forint
  • Area: 93,030 km2
  • Education: Hungarian language
  • Culture: mixed culture (Hungarian, German, Slovak, Serbian)
  • Environment: agriculture
  • Health Care: 30th out of 35th in Europa low quality
  • Taxation: very high up to 39%
  • Tourism: top mark in Europa in tourism
  • Weather: moderate
  • Politics: stable
  • Schengen: yes
  • Religion: Christian and catholic


  • The Investor Residency Bond Program does not have any set criteria for applicants in terms of personal net worth or management experience. However, the Hungarian administration officers reserve the right to request an interview meeting with the applicant, which can be exercised at random
  • During the initial due diligence and application stages, the financial intermediary and the Hungarian authorities will follow standard know-your-clients and anti-money laundering procedures. Main applicants must provide a set of standard documents proving their source of income and accumulation of personal net worth
  • Facial photograph made not more than three months previously
  • Payment of the procedural fee


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